Being Committed – Come Join Me!

Dale Obrochta and a balloon princess

I started writing Dale’s blog to challenge myself to constantly create new material. It did not matter if it was with balloons, videos, or writing. The goal was to keep the creative juices flowing. Several years later, I committed to writing every other day. It has been challenging coming home after entertaining or being out … Read more

Balloon Entertainers, Artists, and Decorators “WOW” the World

The “WOW’s” have just started for 2013 If you follow balloon entertainers, artists, or decorators you will notice an increase in balloon pictures floating around the internet and social networks.  It happens every year around this time. In the first two months of the new year, three balloon conventions kick off, the Florida Super Jam … Read more

6 Tips to Putting a Monetary Value on Free

Free Entertainment does not have to be FREE I, like many people, look at sales papers, and periodically I stumble on the word free. It is a simple little word that many charitable organizations toss around. Some people presume that just because you offer something, free everyone should take it. With that logic, you would … Read more

Balloon Entertainmer Needs A Drone Army

Dale in balloon frame

Same old desire nothing has changed nothing is the same, just to be the best at what I do. Pouring my soul into a career is easy. Extract a life is difficult. The drive and determination to push forward is constant. I lack the drone army to push though the daily bullshit of business. The … Read more

Balloon Animals Misrepresent Balloon Entertainers

When I look at balloon entertainers websites, they are misleading. Visible to the eyes are brightly colored photographs of balloon pictures with multiple balloons. They do not make balloon animals they make balloons animals. In fact, an array of balloons are used in the creation of a single balloon figure. Now, there are groups of … Read more

500 – It is Only a Number

Years ago, when I started selling balloons, I would receive calls from people trying to buy 1,000 balloons.  They wanted special quantity pricing, and I would have to tell them, “1,000 balloons are only seven bags”, 144 balloons in a bag.  To a distributor, seven bags or 1,008 balloons is nothing. It’s not even a … Read more

The Recommendation

Would you make recommendation, if you could? I’m an entrepreneur, like many people in the world seeking to make a living. My greatest resource are past customers and their recommendations.  They have seen my work and selling to them isn’t really selling, it more likes taking an order at a drive thru.   They know exactly … Read more

Downturn in Entertainment at Ball Parks

Online Advertises Seeks Free Entertainers, an online directory for entertainers, has secured the right to be the “Official Entertainment Company” for a minor league baseball team; in exchange for this will be providing free entertainment to the ballpark. For several years, the baseball team contracted with an entertainment agency but dropped the Agency … Read more

Worlds Smallest Balloon Animal

Cute Little Teddy Bear Every balloon entertainer has experience making a teddy bear, and I have done thousands of them over my career.  After a time, I can craft a teddy bear so that all dimensions are perfect in size and the details are a speck on. The world’s smallest balloon teddy bear came about … Read more

Mouth Inflating

I’m giving part of me away in the balloon animal The images travel around the internet, people sharing and emailing them to friends, families, and colleagues.  Business people see these funny little pictures and wonder how they can make something that goes viral?  Going viral is something that you cannot produce. It just happens—kind of … Read more