Balloon Entertainer/Artist


With experience across a wide spectrum of industries, Magical Balloon-dude is a balloon artist for family-friendly events! On stage or one-on-one, the artistry captivates young and old alike. Colorful, artistic, and comedic, all twisted together in one spectacular performance.

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People turn to Dale when they need a family-friendly show that wows the audience and makes management happy. We aim to provide high-quality entertainment to families and businesses, producing an excellent audience experience.

Balloon Entertainment Services

Private Parties- Balloon Artist

Bring fun and laughter to your party while knowing that a veteran balloon artist is behind every twist and joke, ensuring no unexpected pops will deflate the party.

“Dale – I am so thankful you were a part of my daughter’s birthday celebration. Your balloon creations are one-of-a-kind. I’ve never seen so many unique designs. Dale’s artistry combined with your great personality puts you over the top”.

Corporate Entertainment

Transform a mundane event or awards banquet into a colorful, artistic, and hilarious experience that your audience will not forget. Bring excellent entertainment to your audience that fits your corporate needs.  

“Dale was outstanding and exceeded my expectations by far!” Urschel Laboratories, Inc

School Assemblies

School Assembly program focused on school, PTO, and student needs. Excellent shows from Character Count to fun year-ending events.

“The show was educational, the teachers and kids loved the message, and the interaction with the audience was outstanding.”

Speaker & Workshops

Get a TEDx speaker talking to your group and have them laughing, learning, and improving their lives. A qualified speaker is a short click away from appearing on your stage.

“Dale combines a highly entertaining presentation with valuable professional information.” – Jan Bednarz, Robert Morris University.

Restaurant Entertainment

Kids dictate where parents eat.  When the kids are happy, and the food and service are right, the parent’s dining experience is heightened – Dale gives them a reason to return and recommend your restaurant.

Call for a special no-risk, no-obligation discussion on how to bring restaurant entertainment to your restaurant :
Call…708-744-0234 and ask for Dale.

How I Became An Entertainer

Ask me how I learned my skills.

I’ll tell you, “from a bunch of twisted people.”

While attending college, I met a group of professional entertainers who met Mondays to practice in the gym. Always wanting to learn how to juggle, I joined this merry group.

I learned from world-class jugglers, unicyclists, magicians, clowns, balloonists, fire-eaters, theatrical entertainers, and vaudevillians.

I did not realize at the time how lucky I was to be practicing with such talented people and the skills and techniques that were freely taught to me.

I have used all my entertainment skills over the years but have decided I would rather be a Master of one form of entertainment than a jack-of-all-trades. So I became a master balloonist.

We all have a beginning. And that’s how I started my career in 1989.

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The world of balloon entertainment, by Dale Obrochta