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A multiple balloon entertainer that entertains not only the kids but the adults too!

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When you’re in the market for a balloon entertainer for a birthday party, you want to know all your choices—unless you are happy with just any old balloon entertainer or the first inexpensive birthday party entertainer, you find.

If you’re unaware of all the available choices, how can you determine which kid’s entertainer is suitable for your party?

That’s why we only work with select few families who seek out a professional balloon entertainment service. Years of experience have taught us how to calculate time requirements for the number of multiple-balloon figures that can be made based on party size. With unlimited balloon figure options, we perfected our balloon-twisting skills to create an impressive design in two to three minutes.

If you’re trying to have kids laughing, impressive multiple-balloon figures, and family-friendly entertainment in your home, all orchestrated by a veteran balloon entertainer who ensures that no unexpected pop will deflate the fun and has every balloon color at his finger-tips, then spending 30 percent more is reasonable to achieve these goals.

If you only need an entertainer who might have these traits, makes a one-balloon figure, is impartial to the kids or guests. has limited supplies, and does kid’s parties as a side hustle, try 

Your needs are unique, and a balloon entertainer that might be perfect for someone else’s birthday party might be too expensive or priced reasonably for your child’s party. That is why we work with parents to ensure you have the right entertainment for the right amount of kids. And the entertainment fits your needs, giving you the best audience experience that makes your guest happy.

Benefits of having balloon animals at a birthday party…

• Keeps kids occupied with balloon animals. 
• Add laughter to the birthday party.
• Wow, family and friends with balloon art.

Make your child’s birthday celebration unforgettable by incorporating captivating balloon art with multiple balloons twisted into adorable balloon animals. At the same time, kids giggle uncontrollably at family-friendly jokes encouraging your entire family to join in on the fun with interactive balloon entertainment. Impress your guests with a party they will never forget!

Magical Balloon-dude Dale uses three to six balloons in every design, customizing each balloon to a child’s requirements. Every child receives a balloon. If the party is small and time remains, each child can receive a second balloon animal. An estimated 2.5 to 3.0 minutes of creation calculates to about 15-18 kids per hour. However, first birthday parties are more significant and may require an extra half-hour.

Kid’s Entertainer – Magical Balloon-dude Dale
can twist some fun into your birthday party!

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A Birthday Party is fun when you’re attending, but hosting can be overwhelming.

You know your kids will listen, but the neighbor’s kid, look out — what a handful. Most parents look for activities to entertain their kids. It can be a simple game like a hot potato to a craft project.

Other parents will hire a professional balloon entertainer to come and keep the kids entertained at the birthday party. While other parents will spend a small fortune renting out an arcade and letting the kids run wild.

“You are very entertaining to children of all ages and adults. The children loved you, and my guests expressed how much they enjoyed watching you in action. You gave that added touch to make my party GREAT and memorable. Thank you for making my occasion extra special” – Angela Reis. 

Birthday girl with a balloon animal

The best entertainment for a child's birthday party

I have been a professional kid's entertainer at 100's birthday parties. Over the years, I have learned the best entertainment for a child's birthday party is a party that includes the adults.

Full family entertainment is especially true when it comes to 1st birthday parties. The 1st birthday party is one of the most critical events for the child's parents. A first birthday is when proud parents show off their baby to their friends and family. Parents want to create an event that everyone will remember.

The benefit of entertainment is guests will talk about your child's birthday party because the entertainment focuses on both the kids and adults. Remember that this is a party; Yes- a kid's birthday party, but a party. A birthday party should include everyone and be fun for all attending.

Having adults attend the birthday party helps the host control kids, clean up, and have extra eyes to watch out for dangerous situations. It can be overwhelming for one parent to control 15 screaming six, and seven-year-old kids.

An unseen benefit of attending parents is sharing a memorable experience with their child. Any fears a child has, their parents are there to comfort or correct their behavior. Make the birthday party fun for everyone, young and old; hire entertainment that will be memorable and entertaining to everyone attending the party.

Questions you may have?

  • How much for a birthday party? Price is based on time and the number of guests/children attending the party. Please provide the time, date, number of guests/children, and location when requesting a quote. We will promptly check availability and provide you with a quote for entertainment that suits your party’s requirements.

  • How far do you travel? Private events, 25-50 mile radius for Orland Hills, IL, and corporate events, entire USA.

  • Is a deposit required? I deal in good faith; you can pay me on the event day.

  • What payment options do you accept? Cash, Personal/Business Check, Zelle, and Credit Card

  • How many balloon figures can you make in an hour? We use a basic formula, 15 to 18 kids an hour or three minutes of interaction time. Interaction time includes inflating the balloon, interacting with the audience, and the process of choosing a balloon figure or color. When you factor these considerations into a balloon build, spending three minutes per child with fifteen children is a solid 45 minutes. Thus we recommend 15 to 18 kids an hour. This formula ensures that we have the appropriate time allotted for your event.

  • How much space do you need? I’m self-contained and only need a two-foot by two-foot area—no tables required.

  • Will I get a contract? Yes. We email a contract to verify the correct date, time, and address.