Birthday Party

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Multiple balloon entertainer that not only entertains the kids, but the adults too!

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Balloon animals that…

• Keeping kids occupied with balloons animals. 
• Add laughter to the birthday party.
• Wow, family and friends with balloon art.

Impress your guest with a fantastic birthday party that includes balloon art that intertwines multiple balloons twisted into loveable balloon animals, little ones laughing out loud at quick-witted comedy, and family participating in the balloon entertainment.

The balloon art impresses the adults as they laugh at the silly slapstick, jokes, and improvisation humor suitable for the entire family.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale uses three to six balloons in every design, customizing each balloon to a child’s requirements. Every child receives a balloon. If the party is small and time remains, each child can receive a second balloon animal. An estimated 2.5 to 3.0 minutes a creation which calculates to about 15-18 kids per hour. However, first birthday parties are a more significant event and may require an extra half-hour.

Kid’s Entertainer – Magical Balloon-dude Dale
can twist some fun into your birthday party!

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Birthday girl with a balloon animal

A Birthday Party is fun when you’re attending, but hosting can be overwhelming.

You know your kids will listen, but the neighbor’s kid, look out — what a handful. Most parents look for activities to entertain the kids. It can be a simple game like a hot potato to a craft project.

Other parents will hire a professional balloon entertainer to come and keep the kids entertained at the birthday party. While other parents will spend a small fortune renting out an arcade and letting the kids run wild.

“You are very entertaining to children of all ages and adults as well. The children loved you, and my guests expressed how much they enjoyed watching you in action. You gave that added touch to make my party a GREAT and memorable party. Thank you for making my occasion extra special” – Angela Reis 

The best entertainment for child's birthday party

As a professional kid's entertainer, I have been at 100's of birthday parties. Over the years, I have learned the best entertainment for a child's birthday party, is a party that includes the adults.

Full family entertainment is especially true when it comes to 1st birthday party's. The 1st birthday party is one of the most critical events to the child's parents. A first birthday is a day that the proud parents will show off their baby to their friends and family. Parents want to create an event that everyone will remember.

The benefit of entertainment is guests will talk about your child's birthday party because the entertainment focuses on both the kids and adults. Remember that this is a party; Yes- a kid's birthday party, but a party. A birthday party should include everyone and be fun for all attending.

Having adults attend the birthday party helps the host control kids, clean up, and have extra eyes to watch out for dangerous situations. It can be overwhelming for one parent to control 15 screaming, six, and seven-year-old kids.

An unseen benefit of attending parents is sharing a memorable experience with their child. Any fears that a child has, their parents are there to comfort or correct their behavior. Make the birthday party fun for everyone young and old; hire entertainment that will be memorable and entertaining to everyone attending the party.