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Balloon Animal Video’s – An entire playlist of step-by-step balloon twisting instructions showing you how to make balloon animals by Magical Balloon-dude Dale.

Birthday Party Entertainer – Are you looking for entertainment for a Birthday Party?

Written Instructions: Balloon Animals 

How to make balloon animal videos series advanced: Balloon Animals

Balloon Animal Post/Videos Instructions

More Stuff About Balloon Animals

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Here are links to Dale’s YouTube videos that you might find fun.

Balloon Ball Video
Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon
Patriotic Red, White & Blue Ribbon

Alien Balloon Hat

People who create balloon animals are called Twisters

Wacky Fill-in Story

Did you check out Dale Balloon Twisting GalleryLearn How To Draw on a Balloon5 Drawing Tips that will make you a better artist?

What’s in this balloon apron?

What’s in Balloon Artists, Dale’s Balloon Apron