What’s in Dale’s Balloon Apron

Balloons I Carry:

Top Row:Black, Gray, Golden Rod, Yellow, Neon Assortment, 350 Assortment
Middle Row:Pink, Rose, Lilac, Violet, Quartz Purple, Pale Blue, Sapphire Blue
Bottom Row:WinterGreen, Lime Green (not shown), Emerald Green, 160 Assorted, White, Ruby Red, Mandarin Orange, and Brown.

In the pockets:

Top Row:Geo’s, Preloaded Clear 5″ rounds with Alien & Simile Face balloons stuffed, 321Q Bee’s
Second Row:Scissors attached to a lanyard, Blue, Black, and Red Sharpie Markers, 6″ Red, White, & Pink Hearts, 5″ White Rounds
Third Row:Yellow & Orange Sharpie Markers, Alien 5″ Rounds, Simile 5″ Rounds, White 5″ Rounds
Fourth Row:Business Cards, 2 Pockets of Clear 5″ Rounds, and one pocket for ??? (customers business cards, kids drawings, or tips)

Reloading Time:

Reloading time can vary from a couple of minutes to 3 hours depending on how much restocking needs to be done. I usually can do three restaurants and two one-hour shows before restocking. If I did single balloon animals, this would probably last 5-10 shows easily. But I like using a lot of balloons.

Weight: 1 TON

People are always impressed with the appearance of the balloon apron. They are impressed to see how many balloons I carry (I estimate just over 2,000 balloons). The bag above weighs just about 6 pounds. But when I’m wearing it, the balloons feel lighter.

Where Do You Get This Apron

This apron is designed for professional balloon entertainers. Since this is a cottage industry, balloon aprons, bags, and storage containers are constantly changing, improving, and sadly going out of business. The best advice I can give you is to search online to see what’s available.


The Electric Pump I use is again a Professional tool. It uses a rechargeable battery and will last for about 4 hours, depending on what balloon animals/hats you’re making.
This pump is from early 2010 and might not be in production anymore.

What are the best balloons for your money?

Here’s a review of the balloon manufacturers I did a while back.