Halloween Ghost that is Easy to Make

Balloon ghost made from a 11 in round balloon

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. It’s not the gore or the scariness of Halloween that I enjoy — it’s the creativity. That is why my favorite Halloween balloon design is the ghost, as I can use my imagination to change its appearance. I can transform the ghost design into a scary, silly, or … Read more

A Solution on How to Use Up a Bad Bag of Balloons

Balloon bat wing

If it has not happened yet, it is going to. It is just a matter of time.  Balloon after balloon you inflate is defective, and you are now stuck with a bag of bad balloons.  It happens to the best of us. I laugh when I read posts that say you should return a defective bag of … Read more

The Great Pumpkin King

Pumpkins are a blank slate for an artist.  They can be silly, happy, or scary it is up to you or should we say the client.  Pumpkins vary in size, shape and design, which allow them to be transformed into anything. Recently, I had a request for a scary pumpkin, but they wanted it more … Read more

The Versatile Pumpkin

Pumpkins by the millions are sold and carved each year and the internet is littered with pictures of creative carvings and unique uses for the Halloween pumpkin. I’ve incorporated this ability to morph them into a balloon sculpture and it adds a creative flair to standard balloon sculptures.  In fact, you can take your basic … Read more

The Fright for the Candy

Pumpkin Ghost Holloween

Every year around the USA, you will hear kids fighting, swapping, and hiding their Halloween treasures – CANDY! Candy, the monetary currency of children, allows them to learn the art of swapping, stealing, and bartering, which is to say before mom makes them drop it into one big buck.  Then it is placed on top … Read more

Those Blood Sucking Kids

An astute understanding of your audience makes for better entertainment. Being a balloon entertainer is more than having the technical skills for twisting a balloon; it requires an astute understanding of the audience your entertaining.  I like to think of it as profiling an audience. It is safe to bet that boys like blue and … Read more

Halloween Balloon Animals

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

Halloween is a great time for balloon entertainers to work on some really cool designs.  These are just a couple of the simple designs I do around Halloween. Advanced Halloween Balloon Animals To often there is very little time to make a big balloon sculpture at an event unless you’re in advance.  These I made … Read more