Most Asked Question

The Most Asked Question

“What is your favorite thing to make” is a question I get asked a lot, which has me wondering do other professionals have similar questions asked of them? Do Chefs get asked, “What’s your favorite thing to cook?”A Lawyer, “What’s your favorite lawsuit?”A Dentist, “What’s your favorite tooth to extract?”An Accountant, “What’s your favorite ledger … Read more

This Is A Once In A Lifetime Occurrence

Once in a lifetime catch

I’m sitting on my front porch watching it rain and thinking, “baseball practice this afternoon is canceled,” and within that moment, it occurred to me there might be a silver lining in 2020 that I’m overlooking. For as long as I can remember, there have been select dates circled on the show calendar that I … Read more

The Painful Truth About The Future of Festivals

Festival Guidelines for 2020 pandemic and the future

What Social Distancing at Festivals might look like in 2020 Every event aims to draw crowds and provide good music, great food, and a community fun atmosphere.  Can that happen in 2020 with Covid-19 Social Distancing requirements?  Here are ideas on how this might look this year. Looking out on the crowd from the stage, … Read more

Gone Fishing – Is that the new norm for me?

I use a balloon as a boober to catch fish

OK, I admit it.  The Covid-19 has me scratching my head, wondering how I can survive as a balloon entertainer.  The virtual market is tight, as companies still don’t grasp what they want to do.  Large community events need several months to plan their marketing, which it’s easier to cancel than scramble for last-minute vendors.  … Read more

Writing Tip: Why You Need To Reduce The Word Virtual

Image of a dog in a unicorn outfit.

Are We Overdoing Virtual? How many times have you written “virtual” in your ad copy? Once, Twice, fifteen times? Can you recall a time when everyone wrote an ad copy that said, “Live entertainment?” The insider joke was “live entertainment” is better than dead entertainment.  Everything now is virtual. Recently I was on LinkedIn and … Read more

How To Make A Blacklight Effect Using Balloons And A Mirror

A cool effect with blacklight and neon balloon that create a cool balloon effect.

This article talks about being creative with twisting balloons and how a balloon entertainer used blacklights, neon balloons, and things he had at his disposal to make a cool social media video. Dale talks about how he came up with these ideas, along with showing you the end results.

Balloon Animals Near Me

Balloon Colors

I’m part of a small group of people who can honestly say, “Balloon animals are near me.” is true.  Less than twenty-feet away are balloon animal balloons that I can manipulate into any shape I desire. According to Google, people are looking for balloon animals near them, but why?  Are people assuming closer in proximity … Read more

Being Creative With Balloons – People Make A Living Do This

Being Creative with Balloons “The possibilities are endless” my college friend Bill would say.  That saying has become an earworm that has never left my head. When the average person sees a balloon, I wonder what their first thought is? An over perfective mother might say “Choking hazard,” a father may say, “A creative toy,” … Read more