3 thoughts on “Balloon Gallery”

  1. I’m also a balloon artist / twister, and you’re very talented. There is two parts to balloon twisting. A balloon artist is not just a robot or machine cranking out figure after figure. You’re also an entertainer. So how do you entertain? First there’s the balloons themselves; it can be fascinating to watch a figure being made. what is he / she going to make next? I believe you should make good balloons, and not just simple pieces of junk. When you make a nice figure, the people are impressed. Then there’s the personality; how you interact with the people: what you say and do. Here……since you’re not doing anything, hold this. And what is your name? That’s correct. Where are you from? You came all the way from________just to get a balloon from me? I can’t believe it!!! How old are you? 9. How did you get here? Drove. You’re 9 and know how to drive a car? But you can also get the adults involved as well. Everyone is entertained!!

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