New Grim Reaper Candy Cup for Halloween

Grim Reaper Candy Cup Balloon Instructions

Halloween is that time of year when I, a balloon entertainer, get creative with my ideas. The cute balloon figures are transformed into ghoulish Halloween treats. A trend that has been happening for several years now has been the balloon candy cup treats. My goal is to create a Halloween balloon candy cup party treat. … Read more

Powerful Businesses To Watch During The Covid-19 Pandemic

In this article, I will discuss Covid-19, Disney, and the future of larger events. Covid-19 is a super leach that attached itself to our world and is draining it of social interaction.  Amusement parks, community events, and sporting events struggle to develop a protocol for dealing with this pandemic. I do not have specialized medical … Read more

Fun – Simple – Must Know – Elf Sword For The Holidays


A Fun Elf’n Sword Frustrated with kids bugging me for swords during the Christmas party, I developed this quick and easy Elf sword. It all started when I was hired to entertain kids at a company Christmas party.  Like many parties, the kids outnumbered the entertainers, and I brought in reinforcements to ensure the kids … Read more

Twisting Balloons in the Bitter Cold

Balloon artist Dale Obrochta - dressed to entertain people at a winter festival

For decades, the talk among balloon entertainers has always been about how to twist a balloon in extreme heat. Yet few conversations talk about twisting balloons in extreme cold. This past weekend I had the opportunity to twist balloons in 36-degree temperatures, with winds between 10-20, with the occasional gusts to 30, miles per hour. … Read more

Quick and Impressive Ghost for Halloween

Ghost balloon body

For years, I have been making a Ghost for Halloween and this year I have modified it to be able to make it faster, while still keeping the wow factor in the design. Use one 350 white balloons and inflate it halfway. In the center of the balloon, I make two pinch twists. The pinch … Read more

How I Calculate Balloons Made Per Hour

Balloon Festival hat

The event is over and my pocket is bulging. Today was that rare day when everyone wanted to tip. I did not ask for it. I was not encouraging it. It just happened. The event was a two hour public event and when it was over I walked away with one $10, two $5 and … Read more

Summer Fun Means Marketing for Fall

Dale Obrochta

This is the time of year when I struggle to keep focused. Nice weather, family activities, and the weather drain me physically. It is nice getting up in the morning and having breakfast outside on the deck, watching the birds feed at the bird feeder. I check to see how the vegetable garden is progressing … Read more

Legos more than Toys

Before I could plop myself into the rocking chair, I had to move my son’s library book, Lego Ninjago Master of Spinjitzu Character Encyclopedia. Apparently, while I was busy conquering the balloon world, Legos were too. Long gone are the days of just square blocks and using your imagination. Now you can buy entire cities, worlds, and adventure … Read more

Cupid Gets A Makeover For The 21nd century

Valentine’s Day, the day that couples and children show their appreciation for one another. Yes, like many holidays, it has become more commercial with sales of flowers, candy, lingerie, and Valentine’s Day cards.  These are just some of the companies cashing in on love. One of the symbols related to Valentine’s Day is Cupid. Cupid, or if you … Read more

Going Big at Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras jester made from twisting balloon by balloon artist Dale Obrochta

Mardi Gras parties are over the top parties and the bigger you make the balloon figure, the happier people are to wear them. Unlike birthday parties or dinner banquets where people like to hide in corners and watch, Mardi Gras is about being the center of the activities. Oversized hats, characters, and beads, can be made quickly … Read more