1st Communion

It is bonding an audience in laughter and amazing them with artistic skills that unite a gathering.

First Communions are a special event for family and friends. It is a spiritual welcoming of the child into the church and brings family and friends together for this special event.

At your child’s communion party, your ears detect the sounds of gigging as a calming sensation slowly drains the kid’s rambunctious energy as they sit watching colorful balloons twirl about and children’s favorite dream characters come to life.

On the other side of the city is another communion party. Children are quickly transforming from beautiful angles to sweaty little boys with rumpled shirts and short girls’ hair becoming as wild as the jungle, untamable to comb — children running with their cousins and friend in an effort to overcome boredom with mischief. Parents struggle to keep kids mute and out of trouble as they indulge them with iPads, cell phones, and electronic devices, trying to keep them happy.

If you want smiling kids, giggling, and having controlled fun that makes your child’s communion party a huge success, give Dale a call for a free consultation to make your child’s 1st communion party vision come true.

“We enjoyed Dale’s performance. The children and adults were amazed by his balloon creations. Everyone talked about how much fun they had at my son’s communion party.” –Mary Beth Kyle-Needham

“Awesome Balloons and really made our communion party extra special.”–Helen Hennessey

“Dale is talented and accommodated each guest with their request.”–Pam Zufan

“Absolutely wonderful and worth every dollar spent” –Carla Candos

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