The Best Knots To Know for Balloon Decorating

Knots use for balloon decor when using fishing line

Here’s the problem. You are working with a newbie, and they miscalculated the length of the monofilament line that needs to anchor the balloon arch.  Their solution? Tie a knot like tying a balloon. The problem is, monofilament line, AKA fishing line requires special knots. People who like to fish will tell you first hand, … Read more

The Best Way To Grow A YouTube Channel in Six Steps

How to grow a YouTube channel in viewership

Have you met a child that is obsessed with growing taller? Every person they encounter immediately compares themselves to that person. That’s me when it comes to growing my YouTube channel. Like height, a YouTube channel characteristic is based on age, development, maintenance, and like food–the things we put into the channel. Six Things to … Read more

How to Build Followers and Get More Subscribers

Arrow with people

Over the years, I have learned that there is no quick way to build a fan base. You can try spamming everyone in the industry to “Like” your page, ask them to subscribe, beg them to follow, or just ask them to participate in a discussion, but human nature holds them back. Years ago, I read a marketing study … Read more