Planning A Birthday Party

Getting sucked into the planning Just days before my son’s 5th birthday party for the family, I  was in the car going to lunch, and my son Carter asked if he could play games at his birthday party? My wife asked, “What type of games”? Carter, “Stick the tail on the animal.” “You mean, pin … Read more

TV Surfing

Watching some TV with my boys. I was flipping through the TV channels and I came across the NFL Channel and started to watch an injury report about Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bears Quarterback.  My two boys were there by my side and Wyatt the youngest is screaming GO BEARS! He is too little to … Read more

30 Seconds to 3 Weeks

How long will it last? One of the most popular questions asked of a balloon entertainer is “How long will it (balloon sculpture) last?”  Factors, such as, weather, balloon design, balloon type and size, if a child is playing with the balloon or if it’s a display sitting on table need to be calculated into … Read more

The Pooh Factor

Winnie the Pooh

Mom, Dad made Pooh Well, if your a balloon artists you know that Winnie the Pooh has a new movie coming out this week and that means the requests will be coming for Pooh characters.  The beloved Pooh is worshiped by many adults and I find it is mostly requested for babies. For years, Pooh … Read more

Laundering Money

Having two small kids in the house, out of town family arriving, my son’s second birthday party this week, and a wife trying to clean, wash, and fold anything that sits in one spot for too long  something was going to happen.  Well it happened; a shirt that had a check in it was washed, … Read more

Memory like an Elephant

Make me an Elephant Balloon Carter, my four-year old son has been working on writing letters and numbers along with all the other social skills required at that age.  There are those frustrating points when he instantly forgets how to do things.  It can be frustrating for a parent, but what is equally frustrating is … Read more