Laundering Money

Having two small kids in the house, out of town family arriving, my son’s second birthday party this week, and a wife trying to clean, wash, and fold anything that sits in one spot for too long  something was going to happen.  Well it happened; a shirt that had a check in it was washed, obliterating the check in hundreds of small scraps of fluffy paper.  Also found was a lighter I used to light the tiki torches and my son’s toy rubber alligator.

My four-year old son’s version of how the rubber alligator got into the wash machine is that a wolf came into the house when nobody was looking and toss it into the washing machine.  I guess that explanation is as good as any, but the check?  That was my fault.  Lucky for me the client is issuing a new check, just need to wait for snail mail to deliver it.

I’m sure this has happened to many entertainers, the laundering of money and not the washing of the rubber alligator, but then again…we are talking about entertainers and kids so it just may have happened in our house.

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