Memory like an Elephant

Make me an Elephant Balloon Carter, my four-year old son has been working on writing letters and numbers along with all the other social skills required at that age.  There are those frustrating points when he instantly forgets how to do things.  It can be frustrating for a parent, but what is equally frustrating is … Read more

Be a Parrot, not a Poodle

The Parrot should be the symbol associated with balloon artists, not the Poodle. Think about it, historically a Parrot is intelligent, charismatic, colorful, and can imitate sounds.  I like to think of myself, a balloon artist, as smart, charismatic, colorful, and able to imitate not sounds but balloon designs I have seen. Like a Parrot, … Read more

Inner Thoughts

Picture by Bright World Images Do you feel like you’re expanding to a point that you’re going to break, but instead of breaking you expand? That some magical force is twisting you and bending you into a shape that feels natural? Suddenly you’re interlocked with another co-worker and within no time you feel as if … Read more

Experience the Thrill of being Balloon Artist this Holiday Season

Corporate Entertainment – its a blast! I awoke from my sleep suddenly to hear the screeching sound of a fire alarm. Could I really be hearing it right, I thought? It’s 4:00 am, and I need to get on the road in two hours.  I jump out of bed and look around the hotel room.  … Read more