TV Surfing

Watching some TV with my boys.

I was flipping through the TV channels and I came across the NFL Channel and started to watch an injury report about Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bears Quarterback.  My two boys were there by my side and Wyatt the youngest is screaming GO BEARS! He is too little to understand highlights from Sunday’s game. Carter the 4-year old was busy watching the screen for a specific logo he saw on a helmet.   He bolted off the couch, ran to the TV and touched the logo of the Jacksonville Jaguars helmet.  “That one Daddy, what team is that?” he asked. We sat for a couple of minutes going through NFL teams that had animals on their helmet.  “Are there any warthogs or elephants?” He wanted to know. Sorry son, there are no teams with warthogs or elephants on their helmet.

Who knows if there is any professional football team looking for a mascot/logo, but my son Carter would like to see a warthog or elephant be in the running.  If you could choose an animal to be an NFL logo, what would you choose?
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