30 Seconds to 3 Weeks

How long will it last?

One of the most popular questions asked of a balloon entertainer is “How long will it (balloon sculpture) last?”  Factors, such as, weather, balloon design, balloon type and size, if a child is playing with the balloon or if it’s a display sitting on table need to be calculated into the formula to figure out how long a balloon sculpture will last.

Remains of Dracula jumping out of a pumpkin

I can tell you from experience that if you make a balloon sculpture and the child doesn’t play with it; you’re going to get many enjoyable days with it.  If the child is my 4-year old son Carter, the balloon won’t have a chance.  It is not that he is rough with the balloons, but his curiosity of how it was made takes over and it doesn’t take him too long before he figures it out and will undo the work I so carefully crafted.  Either way, creating into a thing of beauty or raveled to pieces, kid’s love balloons. So don’t worry how long they last, kids will have fun with them twisted or just unraveled on the family room couch. Balloons are just fun!

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  1. Last August, I made a basic one balloon cat for a girl at work. She kept it on her desk. In October, she informed me that it had deflated to the point that she had to get rid of it. Last month, I made a stork for the birth of her first child. She still has it in the nursery 4 weeks later. Balloons really love this girl.

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