Memory like an Elephant

Make me an Elephant Balloon

Carter, my four-year old son has been working on writing letters and numbers along with all the other social skills required at that age.  There are those frustrating points when he instantly forgets how to do things.  It can be frustrating for a parent, but what is equally frustrating is how they can remember the things we don’t want them to remember.  Things we say to encourage them to do something or say in heist just to get them to comply with a demand.  Those are the things that are permanently stored.

This past week Carter was on a quest to make a large elephant.  While I was busy working and mom was running an errands, the inspired Vincent van Gogh took it upon himself to get his paint set and start painting a 5-inch lilac balloon that was laying around from a previous – “Dad can you blow up this balloon”, request. Once discovered, I told him I would make him a big elephant later.  Problem resolved, off he went on to his next adventure.

Fast forward 24 hours later, not a single word has been uttered about a big elephant.  Instantly, like a light bulb being switched on he utters, “Daddy can you make my elephant?” As a good dad I stop to make his big elephant.  I’m in the middle of designing the elephant for him – which I only need to make the head, because that’s all he wants,  he stops and asks,

“Are you making me a dinosaur? “

“No, I am making your big elephant”.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.  Could you make me a dinosaur when you’re done?”

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