How To Ensure A Client Gets The Right Marketing Materials – No More Vague Titles

Discover expert insights on educating clients about brand representation in marketing materials. Dale Obrochta shares strategies to avoid generic labeling, safeguard brand identity, and empower clients with effective communication methods. Dive into this comprehensive guide for actionable tips and personal anecdotes.”

Better Branding and More Money When Not Called ‘Balloon Artist’

Welcome to today’s discussion on the crucial topic of avoiding generic branding in the entertainment industry, particularly for balloon artists, magicians, and face painters. This post will delve into the significance of establishing a distinctive brand identity and explore strategies to prevent being labeled as generic performers. Each morning, my inbox gets flooded with Google … Read more

How To Value Your Worth As A Balloon Entertainer

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A successful entertainer knows their worth and doesn’t apologize for it. Understanding Entertainer Fees Have you ever wondered why balloon entertainers charge what they do? It’s a question that often gets tossed around, and as someone deeply entrenched in the entertainment business, I’ve got some insights to share that I want you to consider when … Read more

Proactive Balloon Artist is the One You Should Fear

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For decades, I’ve freely shared design insights and marketing tips within the balloon entertainment industry. My mother viewed this as a downfall to my father’s consulting business. He often solved people’s problems without charging for his services, leading them to believe they didn’t need his expertise. Years later, I realized that the competitors I fear … Read more

Let’s Start Finding Work By Asking the Right Question

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I brought this idea to my Facebook restaurant group and think I can take it further. Let’s look at the basic ideas, which start with my agent friend Steve. A successful entertainment agent, Steve, once told me he acquired more work and was more successful than his competitors because he called venues and asked them … Read more

Discount Strategies and Client Relations in Entertainment Business

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Analyzing Discount Calculation Variables Let’s analyze how we calculate a discount, considering several variables: (I) Inventory, which includes our balloon supplies and associated items. In this example, (L) labor stands for the entertainer, and (K) refers to kids, but it actually includes anyone receiving a balloon animal. Lastly, (nJ) represents multiple jobs contracted by a … Read more

The Pricing Balancing Act: From Kohl’s to Entertainers

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The Pricing Dilemma in Entertainment Business Kohl’s is a retail store that offers everything at discounted prices. When I was a child, Kmart had a special in-store discount called the Blue Light special, which required a physical presence. Additionally, some stores even promised to match prices if you found the same item elsewhere for a … Read more