2020 is the year of the virtual contract

Wording for a virtual contract for entertainers

Since the beginning of time, entertainers have worked on a pay or play theory.  I show up and play your event, and I get paid. Over time entertainers have added clauses to their contracts to protect not only the buyer but the Entertainer.  Liability coverage is addressed, cancelation clauses are added, and even the number … Read more

How to Make Unicorn Heads

Unicorn heads

Girls love unicorns, and over the years, I’ve made many different types using different balloons. Today, I share several unicorn head styles using hearts, LOL, and the standard 260 balloons. Over the years, I have learned that you don’t have to get too detailed with unicorns as long as the head is detailed and the … Read more

How To Transform A 260 Balloon Into A 160 Balloon In One Simple Technique

260 twisting balloon

I have been doing this for years, and I’m always surprised when I meet a balloon entertainer who’s not familiar with this technique. I learned this technique first hand from Roger Segal.  Segal, the master balloon twistier, developed this technique to make the trunk of an elephant-back in the early ’50s. Since then, I’ve really … Read more

3 Facebook Groups You Should Know About

Facebook Icon

Specialized Balloon Facebook Groups Over the past few months, I have seen an increase in specialty groups for the balloon industry on Facebook. The three newest groups are the Deco-Twister Balloon Artists, Hairbanders!, and Line Twisting. Deco-Twister Balloon Artists focuses on decorating with twisting balloons. This field has grown over the past three years because of … Read more

Recipe for Balloon Figure Suzie Snowflake

Suzie Snowflake

Recipes – the step-by-step procedure to make something is associated with cooking.  These steps are either very simple or befuddling with coded symbols only people with cooking experience would quickly distinguish between Tbsp and tsp.  Many times, you start the process just to learn at the very end that you need one more ingredient, which … Read more

Video Gallery

Have I done all this? You don’t understand how much you have until you start to put it together and then realize, holy cow, have I done all this? I have been relaxed about making videos but started to figure out what I’ve done, where I have it located on my website, and realized that … Read more