Fishing with a 4-Year Old

This past week we were up in Door County Wisconsin visiting with family.  I love to fish if you want to call it fishing.  I find it peaceful just casting lures out into the bay to clean off the dust from the previous year.  My son Carter by my side watches and wants to fish like daddy. So this past week, I decided to buy him his own “Spiderman” fishing pole.

The little fishing pole set came with a small tackle box, a plastic fish for casting, and a two-piece rod and reel.  We practiced for an hour or so casting, and to my surprise, Carter caught on quick and was ready to go on the pier and fish with dad.  Carter, in his glory, wanted to carry the cup of worms. As we arrive at the end of the dock, I tell Carter, “I need a worm.”  He plops down on his butt, pops open the lid, and digs happily into the black, gritty worm dirt.  He pulls out the worm and says, “Hi, Fluffy!” “Here you go, Dad, use Fluffy.”    HE NAMED THE WORM!  He names every worm we used that week.  People talk about how a child can change your life, well Carter changed my view of fishing.  I think I’ll stick to my lures, which by the way, don’t have names.

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