The Psychology of Waiting: Insights from a Balloon Entertainer

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In pursuing self-improvement this month, I’ve been digesting content by Simon Sinek, who currently holds the top spot on my YouTube playlist, especially during my workout sessions. In his discussion, Sinek delved into fixations and obstacles, which I quickly related to a child waiting for a balloon and a parent who refused to wait in … Read more

Balloon Animals Near Me

Balloon Colors

I’m part of a small group of people who can honestly say, “Balloon animals are near me.” is true.  Less than twenty-feet away are balloon animal balloons that I can manipulate into any shape I desire. According to Google, people are looking for balloon animals near them, but why?  Are people assuming closer in proximity … Read more

Making A TikTok Video, The Balloon Artist Story


Tap the app TikTok, and you see the wacky, off the wall, choreographed videos that use all the tricks of a small motion picture company.  Kids spend hours watching and even more time learning, memorizing, and producing these 15-second videos. I figured, what the heck, I would give it a try. To my surprise, I … Read more

Being Creative With Balloons – People Make A Living Do This

Being Creative with Balloons “The possibilities are endless” my college friend Bill would say.  That saying has become an earworm that has never left my head. When the average person sees a balloon, I wonder what their first thought is? An over perfective mother might say “Choking hazard,” a father may say, “A creative toy,” … Read more

Balloon Animals Misrepresent Balloon Entertainers

When I look at balloon entertainers websites, they are misleading. Visible to the eyes are brightly colored photographs of balloon pictures with multiple balloons. They do not make balloon animals they make balloons animals. In fact, an array of balloons are used in the creation of a single balloon figure. Now, there are groups of … Read more

30 Seconds to 3 Weeks

How long will it last? One of the most popular questions asked of a balloon entertainer is “How long will it (balloon sculpture) last?”  Factors, such as, weather, balloon design, balloon type and size, if a child is playing with the balloon or if it’s a display sitting on table need to be calculated into … Read more

Being Eat’n Alive

When out of control kid’s make entertaining difficult. Every entertainer at one point in his or her career is going to have an audience that eats him or her alive.  Well dressed, not a hair out of place, the sweetest looking kid’s you have ever seen just turns on a dime and kicks into overdrive … Read more

Laundering Money

Having two small kids in the house, out of town family arriving, my son’s second birthday party this week, and a wife trying to clean, wash, and fold anything that sits in one spot for too long  something was going to happen.  Well it happened; a shirt that had a check in it was washed, … Read more

Balloon Animals aren’t Corny

Balloon Animals - Corn, made by balloon artist Dale Obrochta

Balloon Animals Kids Favorites Over the last decades balloon animals have evolved from simplistic designs to an artistic media that is creativity limitless. The pallet of balloon colors is ever increasing along with size of the twisting balloons.  Ideas once dreamed of being created are now showing up on fashion runways and in art galleries. … Read more