How To Make A Blacklight Effect Using Balloons And A Mirror

Balloons & Blacklights, What a Cool Effect

“It’s been done before.” That is the feeling most artists, and I struggle with when trying to create new art.  Being unique is what drives every successful business model.  The balloon industry is the same, but the Internet makes many businesses appear identical.  Then comes social media sites, and again I and many others try to be different, but being unique is difficult.

The Trick to Being Different

A lot of stressful nights have gone by over the years trying to make myself stand out on social medial.  What I’ve learned is I’m a balloon entertainer, and I make up a small percentage of the world’s population.  I have the skills and equipment that the general public doesn’t have lying around. I have neon balloons, blacklights, strobe light, 12-inch by 12-inch mirror, tripod, and a castrator. Plus, I have decades of balloon twisting experience.  The question was, what can I do with them?  That’s the trick to being different.  When you look at social media videos, you see people using things that:

A) Everyone has lying around the house and is being used in a manner that they were not intended or
B) have these cool toys that, yeah, if I were a bricklayer, I would have a concrete mixing drill too.

Look for anything unique that you have available to you then let your imagination run free.  For me, it was the blacklight and neon balloons on hand, which started the creative process.  Once the original idea was developed of stuffing small neon balloons into a crystal clear balloon and hitting it with a blacklight was done, it was just the matter of how to capture it on video.

Technology has made it easier for anybody to create a video.  All I do it start an app, and I have a variety of video options to choose from at my fingertips.  My muse goes crazy with TikTok video editor as I can take one idea and, within seconds, transform it into a unique creation that is different from others.

Watching Social Media For Ideas

Now I have TikTok, and I do find it interesting. I see some creative people, and one of these people was a photographer who used a mirror to create inspiring and beautiful pictures.  My thought was, “How can I do something like this?”  It turns out I did have a mirror laying around the house and was able to use it in the video.


These are all balloons under a black light. #blacklight #balloonanimals #flashinglights

♬ 1,2,3,4 (One, Two, Three, Four) – Fun Elektro Mix – Funbeat

For one Saturday afternoon, I had fun playing with balloons and capturing the results on video.  At that moment, I was unique in what I was doing, and it felt good.  I found a way to make myself stand out in a world of creative people.

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