Great Balloon Animal Designs That Use Heart Balloons

The Durable Heart

It’s twisted, stuffed, split, has lobs attached, and distorted to the point that it is unrecognizable. That is what balloon entertainers do to a heart balloon.  This little balloon was designed to show love. Yet diabolical entertainers look at this balloon and wonder?  How can I distort the heart to make something new?

There was a time when society accepted a heart balloon without thought.  It was just a little red balloon that said, “I love you.”  Over time this simple gesture of handling a heart balloon took on a darker, creepier interpretation.  I recalled teaching a colleague how to make balloon animals, and he was delighted that he found something new.  Well, at least it was new for him.  Excite, he displayed his balloons to me and said,  “I bought these red hearts; I love you balloons. ” He thought these would be great to add to a balloon figure and distribute them to the kids.

I asked him a straightforward question, “If an adult male that you have never met handed your daughter a balloon heart that said, “I love you,” what would be your first thoughts?  He paused for a moment and said, “Who is this guy, and why does he love my daughter”?  In that instant, he discarded the heart balloon into the trash.

Every year Valentine’s Day rolls around, and the politically correct world changes our behavior to conform to society.  For many entertainers, the heart balloon gets buried in a balloon bag, but not forgotten.  As I said initially, we deform the heart balloon hiding its shape, making it difficult to recognize.  But if you look close at unicorns, faces, ladybugs, and many more designs, you see the heart balloon is there. It is giving joy to boys and girls as attended. Yet Valentine’s Day is the day to bring out the little red hearts that read, “I love you” for all to see.

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Here are some examples of the heart balloon in action.  Some are easy to spot, while others are not.

Balloon Animal Ant that is made from 260 and heart balloonsteddy bear balloon with a heart balloon

Youtube video cover showing a unicorn head which is made from a heart balloon
Watch video

A photobomb meme of a balloon person with a ghost passing through their body. The ghost uses a heart balloon for the head.

Cow meme that has a heart balloon as part of the design A joke meme I made using a heart balloon for the face

Example of bugs that use hearts for the head design

A face I made using heart balloons for the face and hatPlayboy Bunny logo made from a heart balloonChicago Bulls logo made out of balloon animals. Head is a balloon heartA wixard that uses heart balloon for the body, head, and hat.I love booies figure, head is made from a heart

Betty Boop made from heat balloons.
Betty Boop

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