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“What is your favorite thing to make” is a question I get asked a lot, which has me wondering do other professionals have similar questions asked of them?

Do Chefs get asked, “What’s your favorite thing to cook?”
A Lawyer, “What’s your favorite lawsuit?”
A Dentist, “What’s your favorite tooth to extract?”
An Accountant, “What’s your favorite ledger post?”
A Doctor, “What’s your favorite disease to cure?”
A Police Officer, “What’s your favorite criminal to arrest?”

Unlike other professionals constrained by laws, regulations, and job descriptions, I enjoy the freedom and allow my passion to drive my creativity. The physics of the balloon only limits me, and I’ve been seen distorting and bending the balloon to my will. To answer the question, my favorite balloon to make is the balloon that puts a smile on your face.

Do you have a unique question that’s asked of you when people learn your profession?

Most Asked Question
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Most Asked Question
An article wondering, do other professionals get asked similar questions about their job?
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