Best Knowledge Resource for Balloon Entertainers

Knowledge resources are sites that contain explicitly shared knowledge about a subject. For this article, I look at four different knowledge resources specifically for balloon entertainers. YouTube has thousands of videos that teach balloon recipes/designs. I want to provide you with more knowledge resources than how-to videos.

Let me start by breaking down the balloon industry.

  1. Balloon Decorator – An individual or team who focuses on an atmosphere and transforming a dull area into a festive, colorful, and themed room using round balloons and decore to enhance a space.
  2. Deco Twister – An individual who combines Balloon Decorating and Balloon Artisty, as their goal is to create large balloon sculptures used for decoration and typically not massed produced.  
  3. Balloon Twister – An individual who twists various balloons into balloon sculptures, typically done while people wait in line.
  4. Balloon Artist – An artist who uses balloons to create medium to large balloon sculptures and uses techniques that are not easily mass-produced for line work. These designs take time, use advanced skills, and require various balloon types to create a sculpture.
  5. Balloon Entertainer – This mix of a decorator, Twister, artist, and variety entertainer who creates balloon sculptures onstage for large crowds.

Four Resources for Balloon Entertainers

  1. Balloon Artist Gear (B.A.G.) – the Facebook group is an excellent resource for learning about the latest accessories for the balloon industry. Topics of balloon inflators/pumps, bags, and accessories are discussed. B.A.G. group is a private group and will require you to be approved before joining.
  2. Balloon Animals Blog – These are articles written by balloon entertainer Dale Obrochta who started balloon entertaining in 1987. There are over 700 blog posts dealing with topics ranging from balloon twisting, entertaining, insurance, equipment, etc., as there are just too many topics to list. Articles are posted several times a year, and it’s best practice to subscribe and get notified when a new article is posted.
  3. Balloon Twister Central – The FaceBook private group is where balloon twisters discuss new ideas and creations and share business insights. Balloon Twister Central deals with the non-decorating questions. However, there are professional balloon decorators who do participate in this group.
  4. – There are several balloon conventions, but Twist & Shouts’ (T&S) focus is balloon twisting and entertaining. T&S offers balloon decor classes, but its main focus is on twisting balloons and entertaining.

Many cross-over groups cater to juggling, face painting, magic, caricature artists, and a variety of entertainment which have valuable knowledge as many professional entertainers are multi-talented and have general knowledge about many entertainment industries. However, these groups niche their topic down to specific talents, and asking professional juggling groups about balloon entertainment might go over like a lead balloon, yet, as entertainers, we share many of the same experiences, problems, and essential equipment.

What characteristics do you look for in a knowledge resource when it comes to entertaining? I would love to hear about excellent resources for entertainers.

Best Knowledge Resource for Balloon Entertainers
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Best Knowledge Resource for Balloon Entertainers
Four different knowledge resources specifically for balloon entertainers that are more than how-to videos recipes resources.
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