Deli Counter Meets Balloon Entertainment

Deli ticket meme

“Number 24” yells the woman behind the deli counter. I look at my ticket, 53. It is going to be a while. I might as well do some shopping and come back later.  It does not matter how long you stand in line or where you stand, the next number is 25.  You cannot push … Read more

Line Control – Parents will Thank You

Dale Obrochta Line

“Girls, are you in line?” I asked. “Yes” “I don’t remember seeing all of you. If you just arrived, you have to go to the end of the line. No cutting!” I remind them. I lock eyes with a grateful parent who mouths, “Thank You”. This happened to me twice this week, older girls gathering … Read more

Splitting the Line

Dale Obrochta Balloon Show

Here is a line technique for better control of a line while giving the appearance lines are smaller. I look up, and all I can see are eyes looking back. Moms are standing, smiling, yet I can see in their eyes they have other places to be, things to do, and standing in line for … Read more