8 Social Interactions That Are Missing In A Virtual Show

Things I miss not having a live audience

Things I Miss Entertaining For A Live Audience I know performing for a live audience is better than a dead audience, so let me rephrase it as an in-person presentation. Here is why in-person shows bring more joy and satisfaction to me as an entertainer. One could argue that you’ll achieve the same delightful experience … Read more

Do I Need Shoes For A Virtual Show?

To wear shoes or not to wear shoes

The Last Thing I Put On, Are My Shoes. It’s been written that you can tell a lot about an individual just by their shoes. Author and blogger Seth Goldin once gave a presentation on stage dressed in a suit and barefoot. Genesis drummer and legendary singer Phil Collins in the 1980’s accepted awards in … Read more

2020 is the year of the virtual contract

Wording for a virtual contract for entertainers

Since the beginning of time, entertainers have worked on a pay or play theory.  I show up and play your event, and I get paid. Over time entertainers have added clauses to their contracts to protect not only the buyer but the Entertainer.  Liability coverage is addressed, cancelation clauses are added, and even the number … Read more

Writing Tip: Why You Need To Reduce The Word Virtual

Image of a dog in a unicorn outfit.

Are We Overdoing Virtual? How many times have you written “virtual” in your ad copy? Once, Twice, fifteen times? Can you recall a time when everyone wrote an ad copy that said, “Live entertainment?” The insider joke was “live entertainment” is better than dead entertainment.  Everything now is virtual. Recently I was on LinkedIn and … Read more