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Facial Details

I have been entertaining audiences with my balloon skills since 1985. Over these years, I have developed an artistic talent for drawing cartoon faces. Many people have been impressed with my drawing skills even though I never took a cartooning or art class. I watched the morning cartoons to figure out how the faces and characters should look and noticed some basic patterns.

When you study cartoon characters, the majority of the cartoons show a profile of the essence. Drawing a face on a balloon is more complex since it requires a head-on view. This requires more facial detail than character detail. In all honesty, my drawing practice is related to boring college lectures and doodling throughout my life. I hope my years of experience can help you obtain the skills needed to become successful in your balloon-entertaining career.

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Drawing Eyes #

Many people have been impressed with my drawing skills.  I have never taken a cartooning or art class.  I watch the morning cartoons to figure out how the faces and characters should look.   I found there are some basic patterns.

Eyes:  If you look at the section called Eyes Examples.  You will notice that the eyes are just round/oval circles, with a circle inside that circle.  The first circle is the outside of the eye or the contour of the eye.  The second smaller circle is the colored part of the eye, and the third circle is the white part in the black of the eye.

Notice that the blue part of the eye is located in the corner of the eye.  The center of the eye has a dark black ring giving the eye a more outstanding feature.  Most of my eyes are above, but I can obtain a cross-eyed look if I place the second and third circles further up. Suitable for making goofy faces.

You will notice in other cartoons that a fourth circle is used for the white of the eye.  This circle overlaps the black of the eye and the blue portion of the eye.

The fourth dot would reflect lighting. This is a very popular eye for cartoon characters.

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Drawing Noses  #

Noses are not that complicated and come in quite a variety.  The ones I have the most success with are oval circles.

(A)Nose 1 (B)Nose 2 (C)Nose 3

I use the nose in two different situations: First, I put the eyeballs right next to the nose, butted up to, or have the nose overlap the eyes.  I can do this with (A) and (C).  Second, I have the eyes over the nose with no overlapping–this is good for the nose (B) because of the opening.  You have to experiment and find a face you like, and that fits your character.

Face for 5 round balloon

If you notice, in the example, I’ve used two half-circles combined with an oval to create his nose.  This face would be suitable for a 5″ round balloon.  

Here are more examples for you to try.

Drawing Mouths

Mouths can improve your character.  Here are the basic mouth patterns that will add expression to your character’s personality.

Mouth 1
Mouth 2
Mouth 3

If you notice, I included the wrinkle lines or creases in the corner of the mouth.  It’s the small details that make the drawing.  Quick, easy lines that add character.  If you want, you can always add teeth to create a funnier face.

One tooth can be larger than the other or the same size–vary it from character to character to find the best match for that animal.  People and animals both can have buck teeth.  I have used this on teddy bears, rabbits, balloon guys, and anything I want to make different or funnier.  

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Drawing Details

 Details are the little things that make a difference.  Here are some to consider: 


Crease by the corners of the eyes

Crossed Eyes


Eyelashes & Eyebrows






Writing Names

Kids like to see their names on a balloon – they will even spell their name for you (Audience Participation). Parents like this because they know whose balloon is whose.

Add style to the lettering…I’ve seen character artists use this style – When writing a letter, accent the letter by adding a perpendicular line to the edges of the letter.

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What Type of Markers to Use?

Drawing Tips
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