Markers for drawing on balloons.

There’s only one type of marker that does not rub off: the Sharpie Marker by Sanford. Balloonists should carry at least three colors–Black for drawing, Blue & Red for highlights. Over the years, I have had many people compliment me on my drawing just because I add blue eyes or add a red tongue. Remember, the more color in the advertisement, the more interested parties read the ad. Two $0.75 markers will bring in more ballooning work. Marker

Colors: BlackRedBlueGreenYellowOrangeBrown, and Purple

Here’s more information about Markers

What do you use for the white makers?

Sharpie markers or paint makers

What type of white markers are there?

There are many paint markers but not all markers work on latex balloons. Here’s a review of two different white paint markers.

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