What do you use to get the white for the eyes?

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Angle-heartUnknown to many people is that they do make white markers. The white marker was originally designed for the Crafter who needed to write on dark craft paper. However, this is not an ink, but paint in a pen.

Paint pens contain paint, and a drying agent to help the paint dry quickly. These drying agents can dissolve a balloon, causing it to pop. It may also not adhere to the latex – wiping right off, or take minutes to dry, making it useless for balloon entertainers.

I would safely say that balloon entertainers have tried every white paint pen and have come up with three paint pens that most people would say work the best. Like balloon manufacturers, entertainers have a favorite, and depending on who you talk to will rate each different.

The White Markers Most Commonly Used

  1. Galaxy White Marker – After months of testing I found, and still sell, the Galaxy marker. The benefit is a quick dryingThe dry time was quick, the coverage was good, and the tip was small enough for detail work on a 260 balloon. You can paint over a Sharpie permanent marker and not have to worry about the permanent ink reactivating.
  2.  Eddings White Marker – Some will say it is the best white marker on the planet. This European marker covers quickly and dries fast. This marker does require activating, shaking, priming, but 99% of paint markers you will buy over the counter use this technology.The downfall to this marker it is not available in the USA and is expensive. Eddings has not acquired a distributor in the United Sates. Recently, a select few balloon distributors have started selling these markers, but they are typically sold by individuals who buy direct from the company in large quantities and resell them at balloon conventions. Because of the shipping, customs charges, and the inability to go to the local convenience store and purchase these markers, the price is twice to three times higher in cost.
  3. White Sharpie Marker – Sharpie markers have been used for decades in the balloon industry and when white markers appeared on the office supply shelves, the balloon industry was all over it.Sharpies white marker is a paint marker that requires activating, shaking, and priming. It’s cost is competitively priced with other paint markers and is available at many office supply stores. This is not a popular marker with businesses. You may see them on the shelves one week, and the next week they are sold out. It may be months before they restock this product. In a pinch, I had to buy a multi-pack that has black, red, silver, gold, and white just to get a white paint marker.Disadvantage to the white Sharpie marker is the chemical used in all its permanent markers is the same, meaning – if you draw an outline of an eye in permanent black marker, then color it in with the white Sharpie, any white that touches the back reactivate the permanent black ink and now you’ve contaminated your white marker with black and now have a gray smear instead of snow white.

Paint markers are like balloons, each balloon entertainer has a preference, which are the best, based on cost, availability usage, and need. I have done a comparison evaluation on the Galaxy White and Sharpie White to help determine which the best product is for a balloon entertainer.

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  1. Very good discussion. One other point to consider … I don’t like how the cap fits on to the Galaxy marker. It loosens up way too easily and the marker dries up. So I now use Sharpies.

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