How To Identify A White Sharpie Marker

Did you know there are two types of white Sharpie markers? Can you quickly identify the difference between the two Sharpie Markers? One is an oil base marker, and the other is water-based. The paint drying times are the same time, look identical when the paint tries, and the cost is about the same. As a balloon artist, the number one difference is easy of buying.

The white oil-based Sharpies, I find at Wal-Mart and local office supply stores. Whereas the water-base white Sharpie markers I periodically find at craft stores, but the majority of the time I have to buy online.

What’s the difference?

  1. Oil-base white Sharpie markers are in most stores, while water-based Sharpies are found at your hobby shops.
  2. Oil-base white Sharpie markers will reactivate and smear other Sharpie ink markers.
  3. Water-based Sharpie makers write over each other without smearing ink markers.


I like the water-based Sharpie marker the best if I can find them at a hobby store. Most of the time, I use the oil-based white Sharpie as it is the easiest to find at the local stores.

How To Identify A White Sharpie Marker
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How To Identify A White Sharpie Marker
A brief article looking at how to distinguish the difference between oil and water-based white sharpie markers with a video show the marker in use.
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