Fun – Simple – Must Know – Elf Sword For The Holidays

A Fun Elf’n Sword

Frustrated with kids bugging me for swords during the Christmas party, I developed this quick and easy Elf sword.

It all started when I was hired to entertain kids at a company Christmas party.  Like many parties, the kids outnumbered the entertainers, and I brought in reinforcements to ensure the kids would not be waiting all day for a holiday balloon figure.

As I twisted, I saw out of the corner of my eye, my partner for the day was making swords.  It puzzled me as I contacted him for this event because of his balloon twisting skills.   The client specifically hired me because of the fantastic balloon figures I make and requested specifically for holiday balloon designs.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see another basic sword being made and distributed.

The whole illusion of holiday balloons was slowly deflating as my partner went rogue and transformed a holiday event into pumping out swords at a reckless abandonment rate.  It was impressive to watch.  His mouth inflated, and he cranked out swords like breathing air.  Effortlessly.

The realization set in that day, entertainers are not alike.  Some are creative, some are quick, some are slow, yet others are clever to understand why they were hired and know how to keep a theme on track.

If you’re faced with a Christmas party this year, and a little one asks for a sword… be the clever entertainer and make them an Elf’n Sword.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how to make an Elf’n Sword.

Since I uploaded this video, I’ve seen where entertainers flip the Elf’n Sword upside down and create wands from this design.

Clever entertainers thinking outside of the box improves the industry, and I applaud those who are creative.  Be clever this year!

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Fun - Simple - Must Know - Elf Sword For The Holidays
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Fun - Simple - Must Know - Elf Sword For The Holidays
In this article, Magical Balloon-dude Dale shows how to create an Elf sword that is awesome and easy to make. Step-by-step instructions and video showing how to make this balloon animal sword.
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Balloon Animal Blog
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