New Christmas Elf Balloon Hat

The elf balloon hat is one of my favorite holiday hats to make as it is visually eye-catching, easy to make, and people love the design. If you’re a balloon artist, you have to add this to the holiday balloon designs list.

Skill level I would rank the elf balloon hat as an intermediate design, requiring multiple balloons. One significant benefit to the elf balloon hat is that the design lends itself to substitute different balloons, i.e., a 260 or 350 balloon can be used for the elf’s hat. Don’t worry; it still looks good if you need to substitute one balloon size for another.

The balloons I use for the elf balloon hat are:

  • 1-350 Blush
  • 1-350 White
  • 2-260 Green of your choice
  • 1-260 Blush
  • 1-260 White
  • 1-260 Reflex or Chrome Silver
  • 1-6 inch round

In this YouTube video, I will walk you through the steps and make sure you watch to the end, as I will show you different options for the elf hat, securing the hands, and drawing the elf’s eyes.

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Don’t forget to check out this excellent balloon design. Elf’n sword – kids love this!

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New Christmas Elf Balloon Hat
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