How To Use Balloon Scraps During The Shortage

250 balloons

There’s gold in them thar balloon scraps, as the transportation bottleneck is creating a balloon shortage. I’m finding myself using more and more balloon scraps because most of the colors I wanted were out of stock the last time I ordered. Things I’ve learned Decades ago, I entertained at Harrah’s Casino and learned that twisting … Read more

New Christmas Elf Balloon Hat

Elf Balloon Hat, balloon artist Dale Obrochta balloon instructions

The elf balloon hat is one of my favorite holiday hats to make as it is visually eye-catching, easy to make, and people love the design. If you’re a balloon artist, you have to add this to the holiday balloon designs list. Skill level I would rank the elf balloon hat as an intermediate design, … Read more

Defective Balloons or Failing Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights made from balloons

I do not know which is more frustrating, defective balloons or failing Christmas lights.  One lousy bulb, and I spend hours figuring out what is causing the problem.  On the other hand, I can easily detect a bad balloon in a balloon sculpture.  Yet, the bad light bulb is not intertwined among three light strands. … Read more

Secret Reason Why Companies Are Not Having Christmas Parties

person pouring wine on glass

The secret to why their are less Christmas Parties each year. Over the past few years, holiday parties are becoming so politically correct that fewer and fewer companies have them.  Not only are the parties becoming challenging to plan, but the bad economy it’s helping. Take a look at what HR has to deal with … Read more