How to Make Unicorn Heads

Girls love unicorns, and over the years, I’ve made many different types using different balloons.

Today, I share several unicorn head styles using hearts, LOL, and the standard 260 balloons.

Over the years, I have learned that you don’t have to get too detailed with unicorns as long as the head is detailed and the body…well, it can be a basic dog body, and the kids still love it.

You can get more detailed with the body by adding a colored tail and hooves to the basic design.

Watch this video as I show you how to make several different styles of unicorn heads.

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How to Make Unicorn Heads
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How to Make Unicorn Heads
This article shows how to make four unicorn balloon animal heads using different balloons. Magical Balloon-dude Dale provides a video with instructions on how to make these unique unicorn heads.
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Balloon Animal Blog
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  1. Eric, I know Roder Siegel did it some 30-years ago and there might have been someone before him, but consider the heart balloon is over 40-years old. So it hard to say who really started twisting hearts into other shapes.

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