A Quick and Easy Balloon Turkey

I have been making this simple Thanksgiving turkey for years, and I’m sharing it with you today.

This timeless design is easy to upscale to make a fancy detailed Thanksgiving turkey.

In the video, I will show you a technique that I have used for years for not breaking a balloon but stretching it out and continuing to twist it. I developed this technique for two reasons:

1. I wanted to speed up the design

2. The more breaks/ties you add to a balloon design, the more places air can escape

If you are looking for a new or different Thanksgiving Turkey balloon design, then you will love this design.

Watch this video as I show you step-by-step how to make and detail this turkey.

Leave me a comment on what you thought about the video. Hopefully, you will add this to your collection of balloon animal designs.

Quick and Easy Balloon Turkey
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Quick and Easy Balloon Turkey
This article and video shows how to make a turkey balloon animal using twisting balloons. Step-by-step instructions were provided by a professional balloon artist and entertainer, Magical Balloon-dude Dale.
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Balloon Animals Blog
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