Balloon Animal Instructions – Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Balloon

KIDS  BALLOONING with Magical Balloon-dude Dale

Caution: Balloons are fun toys but can be dangerous like all toys…Would you please make sure small children do not chew balloons or have access to broken bits? We want all our kids to grow healthy and happy. I ask you to be responsible like a professional balloonist. Adult supervision is recommended.

The first trick to making a balloon animal is to blow up the balloon. This is hard. You can buy a hand pump or use a football pump to help blow up the balloons. Do not blow the balloon up all the way… you only need 1/2 a balloon.

Carefully tie the balloon. When twisting a balloon, always start at the end with the knot. Do not worry, it will not break if you twist it, but you must hold on to both ends of the balloon. Otherwise, the balloon will untwist. The balloon will not stay twisted by itself. You have to twist the balloon together.

Balloon Animals – Pink Ribbon

How to Make a Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon BalloonThis video will teach you the correct way to make the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon out of twisting balloons.  This instructional video uses two balloon types.  The first balloon is the standard 260 balloon and the second example uses 350 pink balloons.  The 260 twisting balloons are great for distributing to supporters, while the 350 balloons are more for decoration.  It is recommended that you use a balloon pump to inflate these balloons because of the difficultly of inflating them by month.

If you’re using volunteers to make the balloon ribbon, create two workstations. Station one inflates and ties the balloons while station two twists the balloon into the ribbon shape.

Lastly, if you’re going to have entertainment, hire a professional balloon entertainer to do the entertaining.  Volunteers are great for assisting in the event, but a professional balloon entertainer not only has the balloon skills but also the entertainment aptitude to make your event memorable for your guests.