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Yellow Ribbon Balloon & Red, White and Blue Balloon Ribbon

This video will teach you the correct way to make a red, white and blue patriotic ribbon out of twisting balloons.  This instructional video uses three balloons.  The 260 twisting balloons are great for passing out at parades or 4th of July events.  It is recommended that you use a balloon pump to inflate these balloons because of the difficultly to inflate them by month.

If you going to have a large event that requires hundreds of ribbon balloons then purchase a Mini-Mac balloon pump.  The hand held balloon pumps are great for smaller quantities under a hundred, but for speed and comfort I would suggest a professional pump.

I would recommend using the 260 standard yellow for the support the troops ribbon. Its solid yellow color is perfect for the support ribbon; sold in bags of 100.  If you choose to use the larger 350 balloons they too come in bags of 100 but you will need three balloons to make one red, white and blue ribbion or two standard yellow balloons to make the support the troups yellow ribbon.

If you’re using volunteers to make the balloon ribbon, create two work stations. Station one inflates and ties the balloons while station two twists the balloon into the ribbon shape.

Lastly, if you’re going to have entertainment, hire a professional balloon entertainer to do the entertaining.  Volunteers are great for assisting in the event, but a professional balloon entertainer not only has the balloon skills, but also the entertainment aptitude to make your event memorable for your guests.

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