Balloon Pumps for Balloon Animals

Manual Floor Balloon Pump
Manual Floor Pump

If you are trying to make balloon animals, the best way to inflate a twisting balloon is to use a balloon pump.  Balloon pumps come either as a hand pump or as a floor pump.  The hand pumps are great for kids or entertainers who are just starting to make balloon animals.  You can buy cheap balloon hand pumps at the local retail store, but these are single-action hand pumps. Meaning they only inflate the balloon in one direction for each stoke.  This takes longer to inflate a twisting balloon.  Balloon entertainers typically use a dual-action hand pump, which allows the balloon to be inflated on each upward and downward stroke of the hand pump.  In theory, the faster you can inflate a balloon, the more balloon animals you can make with less effort.


Dual Action Balloon Hand Pump
Dual Action Hand Pump


Floor pumps are larger pumps that can inflate a twisting balloon to its full length in one stroke. Floor pumps are mainly used by professional balloon entertainers and allow them to inflate many more balloons quicker and easier than the little balloon hand pumps.  The airflow generated by the floor pump is stronger and can inflate any size balloon. This allows the balloon entertainer more versatility than the simple hand pump.

  • How many balloons do I need to inflate in an hour?
  • How long are my balloon jobs?
  • How fast does the battery recharge?
  • Will I need multiple batteries?
  • How much do batteries cost?
  • How many balloon jobs a week/day will I use the balloon pump?
  • Will I carry the balloon pump or wear the pump?
  • Does weight of the balloon pump matter?
  • Does the balloon pump have to be quite?
  • Does it matter if the balloon pump gets hot or stays cool?
  • Does the balloon pump have a hose or do you inflate right off the pump?


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