Balloon Animals at the Library

The Palos Heights Public Library was looking to have a fun activity for the kids so they hired me, Magical Balloon-dude Dale, to come make balloon animals for kids.  The concept was that the kids were to pick a book that had an animal in the story and I was going to make one of the animals in the book.  Well, I had two boys looking through a scientific reptile book, lucky for me the chose frogs.

Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the water, a boy brought me a book that had a shark in the story and requested that it be eating a scuba diver.   The audience was surprised and in awe when I completed the challenge.  I had to admit this was not the first boy to request a shark eating a scuba diver.

The girls had books about cats, butterflies, and fish that made for some cute balloons animals, while the last boy’s request was not an animal, but a truck.  So, I could not disappoint the little guy, so I made him a truck. The kids sat patiently waiting and watching each balloon animal or truck, I created.

Truck made ouit of balloons

The event was fun and the kids were great.  I am looking forward to my next visit to the Palos Heights Public Library and its friendly staff.

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