Balloon Animal Instructions – Bubble Hat

KIDS  BALLOONING with Magical Balloon-dude Dale

Caution: Balloons are fun toys, but can be dangerous like all toys…PLEASE make sure small children do not chew balloons or have access to broken bits. We would like all our kids to grow healthy and happy. I ask you to be responsible like professional balloonist. Adult supervision is recommended.

The first trick to making a balloon animal is to blow up the balloon. This is hard. You can buy a hand pump or use a football pump to help blow up the balloons. Do not blow the balloon up all the way… you only need 1/2 a balloon.

Carefully tie the balloon. When twisting a balloon, always start at the end with the knot. Do not worry, it will not break if you twist it, but you must hold on to both ends of the balloon. Otherwise, the balloon will untwist. The balloon will not stay twisted by itself. You have to twist the balloon together.

Balloon Animals – Bubble Hat

Step 1–Blow up two balloons half way to 3 quarters.

Step 2–Start at the beginning with the knot and twist a 1 inch bubble about 1 – 1 1/2 fingers wide. Make sure you hang on to both ends of balloon, otherwise it will untwist. Twist the same size bubble in the second balloon. Now, very carefully twist the bubbles together. Do not worry; it will not break. Why didn’t it break? There is space at the end of the balloon for the extra air. That is why we only blow the balloon up half way.

Step 3–Make the next bubble about 1 foot in size or big enough to fit around your head. You will then twist the balloons together at this point.

Step 4–Make a small bubble about 2 inches, or 3 – 4 finger width in length. Twist the balloon to make a bubble. Loop the bubble back into the two twisted balloons. The balloons are twisted together and should stay that way.

If yours looks like this, very good; if not, try it again. Practice makes perfect.

Step 5–With the other balloon twist another bubble the same size (2 inches, or 3 – 4 finger width in length) and twist the balloon back in to the loop.

Step 6–Now twist the balloon antenna to face up.

Step 7–To make the bubbles on top; twist the balloon about a inch from the end and push the air to the top of the balloon.

You have just made a Bubble Hat!

Balloon Animal Instructions - Bubble Hat
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Balloon Animal Instructions - Bubble Hat
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