The Recommendation

Would you make recommendation, if you could?

I’m an entrepreneur, like many people in the world seeking to make a living. My greatest resource are past customers and their recommendations.  They have seen my work and selling to them isn’t really selling, it more likes taking an order at a drive thru.   They know exactly what they want and know how much it is going to cost.

When it comes to corporate entertainment, perspective clients like to see testimonial from people in their industry or companies that have similar event.  They want to be assured that their event is not a Guinea pig for an act.

Search engines like to see back links to your website.  If your website is popular, you must be important or knowledgeable, or so the thought goes.  Either way, a back link from one website to another, in the search engines world is a recommendation.  Ironically, it is easier to get a recommendation from a competing company in writing then it is to get a link off their website.

In the world of Facebook, it is the like button.  I’ve learned that it is easier to like a picture then text, or just quicker to like two sentence thought then 350 word blog post.  Picture books are much easier to absorb then those books with all the words. We learned that as a child — a picture equals a thousand words.

So if you found this blog post somewhat intriguing or educational, why not recommend it to a friend. I’ve added a picture to make it easy on the eyes, words for the well-read, and simple to like, share, Google +1, tweet, and all that other social media stuff. So help an American entrepreneur with a quick recommendation, it is not a fad, it is not a craze, it is just a helping hand.

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