Balloon Entertainers, Artists, and Decorators “WOW” the World

The “WOW’s” have just started for 2013

Balloon ApronIf you follow balloon entertainers, artists, or decorators you will notice an increase in balloon pictures floating around the internet and social networks.  It happens every year around this time. In the first two months of the new year, three balloon conventions kick off, the Florida Super Jam that just passed, and later this week Float and Twist & Shout.

Each event will bring balloon enthusiasts from around the world to attend. Groups of people will stay up around the clock “jamming” (process of sharing ideas and designs with no set schedule or duration) and produce 100’s of balloon designs.  At each event, designs will be passed around, others discarded, while others will spawn new ideas, but creativity will be bountiful.  With each new idea or newly resurrected concept, a finger presses down on a button, and a picture is uploaded.

The whirlwind of pictures, ideas, and new concepts has just begun for 2013 in the balloon industry. I am sure a new star will be born, a picture will circulate around the world a half a dozen times, and somewhere there is a person scheduling their vacation around one of these conventions.

So, when you see that balloon figure that makes you go “WOW” that is just a balloon twister playing.  Hire one and get ready to have your socks blown off.

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