A Clever Bugs Face Using Hearts

The clouds part and I see it now

487064_412000338881080_1296101844_nLooking to the sky a cloud drifts by, my mind races and transforms it into an elephant balancing on a circus ball. Minutes later, the cloud is now a smear of white fluff aimlessly wandering across the sky. As a balloon entertainer, I have looked at balloons from all angles studying every twist, bend, and fold looking for the next new shape. I physically stretch the balloons to the point of breaking, which many do. Those that do not break create new shapes and instantly become clouds in the sky. What do they look like? How can I use this shape?

Do you want to become an instant celebrity in the balloon community? Take a very a standard balloon and manipulate it like no other person has into a new shape. People will fill your inbox with requests and guesses on how this was accomplished.

For years, I have played with the basic 6-inch heart. To my recollection, I have twisted them every way possible. However, like the clouds in the sky, not every person sees it the same way. Gabrielle Hodge perceived the clouds differently and took the 6-inch heart in a different direction.

Now, I have seen this cloud pass before my eyes many times, but until Gabrielle posted her bug pictures, the heart configuration was a cloud smear in the sky. Thanks Gabrielle for pointing out the elephant in the sky that I have missed all these years.

Gabrielle Hodge bug collection uses 6-inch heart balloons for the face of her characters.


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