The Best Way To Grow A YouTube Channel in Six Steps

How to grow a YouTube channel in viewership

Have you met a child that is obsessed with growing taller? Every person they encounter immediately compares themselves to that person. That’s me when it comes to growing my YouTube channel. Like height, a YouTube channel characteristic is based on age, development, maintenance, and like food–the things we put into the channel. Six Things to … Read more

The Secret On How To Capture A Phone App

Capturing the cell phone screen

Capturing a cell phone screen and broadcast it to your computer. Have you seen those cool magic tricks where a random person picks a card from a deck, and it magically appears on their cell phone? I thought it would be cool to use a tablet or a smartphone during a virtual show. Those tricks … Read more

YouTube Conundrum: Where Did It Originate

YouTube Logo

I am not 100% sure, but I think it was my father who taught me that 2 + 2 = 4. However, I could have learned it from a book. My son has beginner math books and constantly surprises me with new things he has learned. I know that E=mc2 was derived by the twentieth-century … Read more

Making A Connection

Dale Obrochta Fish

I received good feedback from last week’s post about mobile phone apps, which sparked two phone calls asking questions, making me happy that people enjoy what I write. I have connected with them in some weird way, be it because of my love for balloon entertaining, my wacky sense of humor, or just because I have been willing to put … Read more

Being Committed – Come Join Me!

Dale Obrochta and a balloon princess

I started writing Dale’s blog to challenge myself to constantly create new material. It did not matter if it was with balloons, videos, or writing. The goal was to keep the creative juices flowing. Several years later, I committed to writing every other day. It has been challenging coming home after entertaining or being out … Read more

Eye Contact Lost Because of Social Media

I laugh at all the family members (kids and parents) who have their heads tilted down while clustered at a restaurant table having a meal. Eyes are all fixated downward; shoulders are rounded. Etiquette and business instructions that stress good body posture and eye contact must be going crazy with society so fixated on mobile communication. Social … Read more

Turn Off the Volume – Instructional Video Advice

I come to YouTube to learn, not hear poorly written comedy. I seek knowledge, not puns. I am the master of volume control. I seek the pictures, not wisecracking charm. So keep your words of wit. This entertainer needs no puns, no charm, no silliness beyond.  I want the facts, the twists, and by the … Read more