The Best Way To Grow A YouTube Channel in Six Steps

Have you met a child that is obsessed with growing taller? Every person they encounter immediately compares themselves to that person. That’s me when it comes to growing my YouTube channel.

Like height, a YouTube channel characteristic is based on age, development, maintenance, and like food–the things we put into the channel.

Six Things to Grow A YouTube Channel

1. Live — Looking for a quick way to create a video? Go live on YouTube.  For me, I can lose days shooting and editing a video as I want it perfect. The truth is producing good content can be done live.

2. Short series — TV producers have used cliffhangers and multi-part series to bring an audience back to a show the following week.  A three-part segment is perfect for keeping an audience watching. Incorporate a mini-series into a blog, and you have a topic covered from beginning to end.

3. Playlist — Group videos that make it easy for viewers to continue watching one topic. Plus, the upside is when promoting your channel, promote the playlist to give your audience an option to continue watching your video. The more videos they watch, the higher the probability they will become a subscriber.

4.  Variety is the spice of life.  One of my favorite TV shows is Doctor Who.  What makes this show unique is the main character changes every two to three seasons. These changes keep the show fresh and unique, allowing the show to grow its audience.  The only way to keep a YouTube channel growing is to add variety to the channel and keep the content fresh.

5. Stop looking at numbers. Talk to a Seinfeld fan, and they will recite their favorite passage from the show. However, not all the Seinfeld shows were great, as many were good.  Judge your site on good viewer numbers vs. the odd great video.  Remember, it’s easier to produce good viewer numbers than trying to create great viewer numbers every time.

6. Consistency — People claim once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget.  However, as a child, I rode my bike daily. As an adult, I ride several times a year.  Those who produce YouTube video consistency are better at it. So to get better, one must practice producing consistently and alone the way the show improves, and so does viewership.

Honey, you should do this…

Growing a YouTube channel reminds me of the couple who sees me balloon entertaining, and the wife looks at the husband and says, “Honey, you can become a balloon man when you retire as a side job.”

Nobody becomes a balloon entertainer overnight, just as nobody grows a YouTube channel overnight.  It takes practice, patients,  and dedication to become successful.

Growing a YouTube channel can be accomplished if you’re willing to work at it. Once you do that, subscriber numbers will grow.

The Best Way To Grow A YouTube Channel in Six Steps
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The Best Way To Grow A YouTube Channel in Six Steps
This article looks at six steps you can implement into your YouTube marketing strategy to gown followers.
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