Making A Connection


I received good feedback from last week’s post about mobile phone apps, which sparked two phone calls asking questions, making me happy that people enjoy what I write. I have connected with them in some weird way, be it because of my love for balloon entertaining, my wacky sense of humor, or just because I have been willing to put myself out there for all these years.

Each night I check stats to see how many people have viewed my blog post.  I know, it’s like being on a diet and constantly stepping on the scale, and the needle barely moves. It makes you second guess yourself. Is this working?  Since I started blogging regularly, the number of visitors has typically been over 100 per day.  Many of these readers view multiple articles, so the number of views is much higher.  As well, the numbers are slowly growing, which makes me happy.

My recent project has been vlogging or video blogging.  These numbers are much lower, but I have to remember this;  it is the same as the first week of working out. You do not get ripped abs by doing three sit-ups.  If that were the case, we all would have six-pack abs. I find vlogging interesting because I like photography and play director, actor, editor, and producer.  It allows the creative side of me is coming out in a new medium.

I do not fully understand my audience, making it harder for the YouTube videos to become popular.  There are talking heads teaching balloon designs, but that is not for me.  I want to connect with people who like my personality. People like Dr. Who, Top Gear (not for the cars, but the humor), Big Bang, and Smash. People who enjoy silliness, want to participate, love marketing, and who, like me, enjoy seeing a variety of entertainment.  If you enjoy any one of these, you may want to check out my YouTube Channel because these are the people I am speaking to.

I recently watched a YouTube video that, ironically, I found when checking my stats.  It was listed right under my YouTube video. The video was a TedxUW talk, How to Get the Tribe to Like Your Art.  I realized that my YouTube videos should be about my personality and me.  Those who are like me will gravitate to me, and we will embrace one another.  I have learned that I can be more than just a blogger; I can be a wacky video producer as well.

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