Everything Old Is New Again

Zombie ArtistsArtists have the ability to create.  After all, unlike the person working on the manufacturing line assembling bolts onto a widget, that is how we earn a living.

Artists have a big advantage in the social media world. A photographer’s image captures the imagination of the viewer, thus people click the “Share” button and leave comments. Yet, the photographer is doing nothing more than their job and sharing the picture with the world.

Here I sit with hundreds of images of my work on my hard drive. So how can I recycle these images and make them useful again? Now this is nothing new, but I started looking through my picture collection and started matching clever sayings with the images. In other words, I am recycling old images and making them new again.

I have slowly been adding these images to my Pinterest board and Instagram site. Nevertheless, I have gone further in my thinking and have been using them for Agents and clients who need something creative to share with their clients.

Social media has created an appetite for new images, video, and content. Why not recycle old images and create new art with it and distribute it to the world?

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