Being Committed – Come Join Me!

Dale-Balloon-EntertainerI started writing Dale’s blog to challenge myself to constantly create new material. It did not matter if it was with balloons, videos, or writing. The goal was to keep the creative juices flowing. Several years later, I committed to writing every other day. It has been challenging coming home after entertaining or being out with the family and have to plop yourself down in front of a computer late at night and tap way at the keyboard.

I have become mentally stronger, being committed. I could just skip a day. Not as if anybody cares, or would even notice. Yet, this commitment forces me to push on into the night. I think of it like those people who make a balloon dress. At first, it is fun. Hours later, you’re just hoping you do not have to repair anything, and at the end, you feel you’ve accomplished something.

The ability to write has become easier, but I still battle with looking for interesting topics, how to increase readership, and keeping it interesting enough for people to want to share it. Nevertheless, these battles will always exist.

My newest commitment is my YouTube Channel. I do not want to be another talking head showing people how to make balloons. There are hundreds of these people already. My goal is to produce a video that is educational and funny, acknowledge other entertainers I work with, respond to those who have taken the time to communicate with me, and share things that I am passionate about in life.

I am going to commit time each week to produce one new video. I am not sure if I have what it takes to do this, but I never thought I would have over 563 blog posts either, but I do! This is post 564.

I am sure this will be a long road of trial and errors; some stuff funny, some just plain stupid, but it will be creativity in its raw and earliest development. I hope you become a committed viewer and contributor to this project.

Here is last week’s video.


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