Smartphone Manipulation That Makes Entertainers’ Pictures More Interesting


Creativity is captured with a click of a button and shared with millions.

When I first started out, you needed to shoot 12, 24 or 36 photos before taking the roll of film in to the store to be developed. Then, if you were lucky, you would scan and post the picture to a bulletin board. Very few pictures were enhanced with Photoshop and none of them had watermarks. The captivating pictures were taken by photographers who have a knack for capturing an image in such a manner that it captivates an audience.

It is 2013, and most everything we want to do is right in our Smartphone. Earlier this month, I joined Instagram. I heard things about it and wanted to see what was so special about this social network.

I downloaded the basic app and in doing so came across InstaPicFrames. I was not sure what it was so I skipped it, and just downloaded the basic Instagram. As I browsed pictures on Instagram it was very apparent that there were creative young people using their Smartphones. The first image I noticed was double, triple, and quad picture all in one single image. Now, I have done this in Photoshop, but these kids were using their Smartphones.

Wow, how cool is that. I can take a picture and merge three other pictures into one. First time I used it was at the United Center entertaining for the Chicago Bulls. I snapped a couple of pictures of balloon hats I had made and merged the pictures into one image. I can tell a story in four pictures, or show both the front and back of a balloon design. This simple software puts a twist on picture taking and enhances the viewer’s perspective of the image.

Here is how I am thinking of using this software.

  1. To tell a story
  2. As a quick way of sharing multiple views of a balloon design
  3. To snap shots of an event so that they can be sent to a client
  4. Marketing
  5. Breaking up the mundane images that are posted on Facebook and Twitter

A little about the software – InstaPicFrame is free on the Android, but you can buy the Pro version. I am using the free version and the software does have advertising, but it is easy to overlook. I did do some research for the iPhone people and according to their website you need the InstaPicFrame Pro + Caption for Instagram.

InstaPicFrame can be used with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and almost any other social media site. Here is the trick… the image, once created, can be saved to your Smartphone gallery. Once you have it on your SD card, you can upload it to any site you wish.


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